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On Strengthening the Peacemaking Program (2010)

Thirty years ago, the 192nd General Assembly (1980) issued a call to the United Presbyterian Church in the United States of America to give priority to peacemaking and to create a Peacemaking Program. The biblical and theological ethics of Peacemaking: The Believers’ Calling have served the church well. The Peacemaking Program has educated the church with excellent programs, educational materials, international visitors, study tours, and conferences. At this time, however, the mission of this program deserves careful review, both in terms of current challenges to peace and commitment of the church’s resources for this witness. Some funds designated for the program in the past have been spent down, and other related education and action programs (such as Church & Society magazine) have been ended. The United Nations’ Office has also seen its funding reduced, at a time when the needs and opportunities for theologically informed international witness substantially increased.