Inquirer and candidate evaluation: The Milwaukee model

Prepared for the Milwaukee Presbytery Committee on Preparation for Ministry
by David Henderson, Ed.D.

Central to the Milwaukee Model is the notion of the faith journey for both the Inquirer/Candidate and CPM members. For the Inquirer/Candidate, the journey begins with a stirring or awakening in the soul of a sense of mission or call. Eventually, that stirring brings the person to the CPM as either an Inquirer or Candidate. The CPM then joins the journey both as gate keeper and spiritual guide, questioning, assessing, supporting and nurturing the person up to ordination. While under care of the CPM, the Inquirer/Candidate can be expected to develop intellectually, emotionally and spiritually to the point when ordination is appropriate. Along the way, smooth and rough spots can be expected, but the responsibility for quality of the journey is a joint effort between the Inquirer/Candidate and the members of the CPM.
—from the Introduction to the Milwaukee Model