Hazardous Waste, Race and the Environment


The 204th General Assembly (1992) mandated that “the Racial Ethnic Ministry Unit as lead entity in consultation with the Committee on Social Witness Policy and Social Justice and Peacemaking Ministry Unit . . . prepare a resolution that clarifies the policy of the PC(USA) on the issue of ‘Toxic Waste, Race, and the Environment,’ suggest steps the PC(USA) may take in responding to this issue, and report to the 205th General Assembly (1993)” (Minutes, 1992, Part I, pp. 627−28).

The 207th General Assembly (1995) approved a recommendation to amend Section “A. Basic Policies on Hazardous Waste” of the policy statement entitled “Restoring Creation for Ecology and Justice” adopted by the 202nd General Assembly (1990). The background statement and recommendations, as approved by the 207th General Assembly (1995), appear in the following pages.