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Final Report of the Independent Abuse Review Panel – Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

This Final Report of the Independent Abuse Review Panel (IARP) of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) summarizes fact-finding inquiries conducted since 2004 into reports of past physical and sexual abuse on Presbyterian mission fields.

The Final Report, then, mirrors the past 7 years in all of these ways. The pages that follow form a whole that is complex, and nuanced, with interlocking components. It requires a careful reading of the whole in order to appreciate the full context of the parts.

-Past, Present and Future
-What happened then and what to do now
-Who is responsible for what

The Final Report is divided into two parts, which will offer opportunities for readers to pursue various interests at different times.

Part 1 contains information on the Panel and the process of investigation
Part 2 contains information on the Panel’s conclusions

The IARP offers this Final Report with deep respect for each person and entity touched by the difficult issues discussed here. The purpose of gathering and reporting this information at this time is to move each of us and all of us forward toward the fullness and richness of life given to us and promised for us by God.

NOTE: This report may be downloaded and printed. It may not be edited in any way.

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