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Comparative Statistics 2003 – Encouraging Figures

by Jack Rogers, professor of theology emeritus, San Francisco Theological Seminary and moderator, 213th General Assembly

Presbyterians are generally thoughtful people. We prefer not to rush into things. We study issues, gather information, pray to God, and talk to each another. Keith Wulff and his colleagues in the Research Services office of the General Assembly Council do a splendid job of providing us with information. The Presbyterian Panel can tell us what Presbyterians think about a given issue. The booklet now in your hands, Comparative Statistics, gives us a comprehensive picture of our denomination in statistical form.

See the tables for this report:

  1. PC(USA) Congregations and Membership — 1993-2003
  2. Distribution of PC(USA) Congregations by Membership Size and Synod — 2003
  3. PC(USA) Membership by Region and State/Territory — 2003
  4. Membership Gains and Losses of PC(USA) Synods and Presbyteries — 2003
  5. Distribution of PC(USA) Congregations with One-Fifth or More Minority Racial-Ethnic Membership by Synod — 2003
  6. Fifteen Largest PC(USA) Congregations Based on Membership Size — 2003
  7. Descriptive Statistics on PC(USA) Ministers — 1995-2003
  8. PC(USA) Ministers by Call and Synod — 2003
  9. Number and Percent of Active PC(USA) Ministers by Call and Gender — 1998-2003
  10. PC(USA) Membership, Total Individual Contributions, and Disbursements for Local Program and Local Mission by Synod and Presbytery — 2002 and 2003
  11. PC(USA) Congregational Receipts — 2002 and 2003
  12. PC(USA) Congregational Expenditures — 2002 and 2003
  13. PC(USA) Synod and Presbytery Rankings Based on Per Member Validated Mission Expenditures — 2003
  14. Race-Ethnicity and Gender of PC(USA) Members, Elders, Deacons, Active Ministers, and Commissioned Lay Pastors — 2003
  15. Number of Congregations, How They Are Served, Worship Attendance, and Giving Information By Membership Size — 2003