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Application for Church Men’s Group Charter

National Presbyterian Men’s Ministry Application for Church Men’s Group Charter

Through your church’s annual membership in Presbyterian Men ($75 annual dues) you are providing funds essential to program development.

10 reasons for your church to charter with Presbyterian Men

  • Keeps your men informed regarding news of Presbyterian Men’s events and issues
  • Provides your church with ideas on how to involve more men in church leadership and programs
  • Helps your church with ideas and resources on how to attract young men into active church membership
  • Helps your men better understand their roles as fathers and husbands
  • Helps your men identify mission projects that are appealing to men of all ages
  • Helps your church identify quality, men-oriented resource materials for your library/resource center
  • Helps your church identify programs which can enrich the spiritual life of men in your congregations
  • Helps support the operation and growth of our volunteer office in Louisville, our website and our newsletter
  • Helps support the availability and expansions of the Men’s Bible Study Series
  • Helps support local and regional events to which your men will be invited (such as retreats, conferences and workshops)

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