Chaplain Liaison to NNPCW application

The Chaplain Liaison to NNPCW is a volunteer position designed to offer spiritual support and guidance to NNPCW participants as well as to provide a practical connection with other higher education entities in the PC(USA).  The Chaplain serves on the NNPCW Coordinating Committee for a three-year term with full participation in all discussions and decision-making processes.

Specific duties include:

  • Participation in two three-day Coordinating Committee (CoCo) meetings per year (during the fall and spring);
  • Participation in one annual NNPCW-sponsored event
  • Participation in other activities, including attendance at conferences that use the chaplain’s specific interests and skills, at the discretion of the chaplain.

 In order to be considered for the position of NNPCW Chaplain Liaison, the applicant must meet the following qualifications.  She must:

  • Be a woman;
  • Be a college chaplain or campus minister ordained in the PC(USA);
  • Have active participation in a higher education professional organization;
  • Have a clearly articulated commitment to the mission, commitments and objectives of NNPCW;
  • Exhibit a commitment to the consensus model of decision-making;
  • Have experience with and/or sensitivity to ministry in a context of racial and ethnic diversity;
  • Have knowledge of and openness to women’s theology.

 Persons interested in this position should complete this application and send it to the NNPCW office by August 31, 2010.