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1001 New Worshiping Communities Presbyterian Panel Report

The objectives of this panel were to (1) identify how aware today’s Presbyterians are of the 1001 NWC initiative, (2) assess how engaged they are in the initiative, and (3) compare current panelists’ awareness of and involvement in the 1001 NWC initiative to panelists from 2014. (A similar survey was given to Presbyterian Panelists in the spring of 2014.) Specifically, we wanted to know the answers to three main questions:

  1. Have Presbyterians become more familiar with the 1001 NWC initiative since 2014?
  2. Are congregations partnering with NWCs in new or more varied ways?
  3. What opinions do Presbyterians have about NWCs? (We did not track changes in opinion because the survey questions about opinions were different than those asked in 2014.)