Domestic Response Updates (May 2024)

We are in a very active weather season in the United States; there has been severe weather in multiple states impacting many Presbyteries. PDA is communicating with impacted Presbyteries and our regional networks to assess needs and help connect our Presbyterian siblings with immediate response. It is heartwarming to hear how local congregations are helping their neighbors.

Below is a summary.

  • Oklahoma has experienced several rounds of severe weather. Working with the Synod of the Sun Partnership for Disaster Recovery (SPDR) we have offered support to Indian Nations and Eastern Oklahoma Presbyteries. PDA has approved an initial assistance grant for Indian Nations Presbytery that will be used by a local PC(USA) congregation to help their neighbors. We are deploying a PDA National Volunteer to Oklahoma later this month.
  • Texas has experienced several rounds of severe weather. Again, working with the SPDR, we have offered support to New Covenant Presbytery. 
  • Arkansas and Louisiana were impacted by severe weather. Working with the SPDR we have offered support.
  • Michigan was impacted by severe storms and PDA has reached out to the Presbytery of Lake Michigan to offer support.
  • Iowa and Nebraska were impacted by recent severe weather. PDA has reached out to Homestead and Missouri River Valley Presbyteries. PDA has awarded an initial assistance grant to Missouri River Valley Presbytery. The Presbytery and congregational leadership understands the importance to stepping up during this time. As they wrote in their grant application, “The main objectives of our project are to be examples of the Body of Christ within communities, provide hope, care, and access to food…Additional goals include sharing and showing the love of Christ.” A PC(USA) congregation in Omaha, NE is receiving volunteer work teams to help with the response and recovery.
  • South Carolina has also experienced recent severe weather. Working in partnership with the South Carolina Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Network we have reached out to the impacted Presbyteries.  An initial assistance grant request from Providence Presbytery has been approved. Once again local congregations have stepped up to help their neighbors.
  • Florida is being impacted by severe weather. Working in partnership with the Florida Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Network (FLAPDAN) we are reaching out to impacted Presbyteries to offer support.
  • Puerto Rico has received heavy rainfall and flooding over the past week. PDA has been in communication with the Disaster Recovery Coordinator for PDA in Puerto Rico. We did learn that at least on church experienced flooding and a church damage grant may be requested.

To support our response to these severe weather events, designate gifts to DR000200.

Stay tuned for an update on our international response.

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