An update from Zakarpatska Oblast

The mental health care facility in Zakarpatska Oblast (western Ukraine) accommodates male patients with chronic mental illness. The facility is currently home to 330 men and has about 200 employees including medical, technical and administrative staff. The residents of the facility receive long-term accommodation, medical treatment, rehabilitation, daily meals, hygiene and personal care, clothing, and other basic needs. Triggered by the sustained conflict, millions of Ukrainians have been displaced within the country, seeking safety and security in the regions outside of the battle zones. Among the internally displaced population, it is a persistent challenge to secure adequate shelter and treatment for patients with chronic mental illness. Consequently, the Turya Remetivsky facility has risen to meet this challenge by accommodating displaced men who have been evacuated from other institutions in the country.

A PDA grant is providing the resources for the reconstruction and equipping of an entire wing of the building that has been unusable.  Funding under this grant is providing for the complete rehabilitation of seven rooms (≅ 180m2), an entrance hall and a small storage area. This will add space for 60 more residents.  Furthermore, since the facilities were built before World War II, the areas to be renovated require infrastructure updates and repairs to the sewage system.  Work on the sewage system is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Your generous gifts make this work possible. Thank you!

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