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Season of Peace Cards—First Edition

This first edition set of peace cards was created in 2014 for the Season of Peace and can be used by children and in households anytime during the year. Each card contains a reflection, prayer and action item.

Presbyterian Women 2016 Mission Pledge Cards

Use these pledge cards in the fall of 2015 to gather Mission Pledge commitments from members of your PW in the Congregation for the 2016 Mission Pledge.These cards are part of the 2016 Mission Pledge Packet. The cards may be used in any way helpful to your group and giving practices. Consider the following model… Read more »

2019 Gun Violence resources packet

The 2019 Gun Violence Resource packet provides congregations and mid-councils a robust package of material to help congregations put thoughts and prayers about gun violence into obedient action. The packet is a mixture of online and print resources compiled by the ministries of Compassion, Peace and Justice over the course of the last decade, but… Read more »