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Teressa Cooper


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Hello!I am Teressa Cooper (pronouns: she/her). I am 24 years old and grew up in the rural town of Lindsborg, Kansas a.k.a. Little Sweden, USA. I am born and raised a Presbyterian and was very involved in my church’s mission engagement and youth programs growing up. After graduating, I went to university for one year before deciding it wasn’t a fit for me at that time. I then moved to the Seattle, WA area where I taught preschool for three years before moving home in response to the pandemic. On this unconventional post-high school journey I met many interesting people and am reminded of the many different ways that community and “church” can look. During my second YAV Scotland year, I am looking forward to strengthening the relationships I made at placement last year as well as creating new ones & through that, continuing to grow and discern my vocation.