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EEPN Toolkit: Connect

There are many resources available to help you connect and interact with others who have an interest in or a partnership with mission efforts in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and surrounding countries. Here are a few of those resources to get you started:

Ellen Smith
Regional Liaison for Central and Eastern Europe
Ellen has more than 20 years of experience as a mission worker in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other Eastern European countries, and can connect you with agencies, churches and educators with particular specialties.
Contact her.

Invite Ellen to visit your church
A visit from a World Mission representative can inform and energize your congregation to expand or renew its mission efforts in other parts of the world.
Learn more.

Join the Eastern Europe Partnership Network 
The Eastern Europe Partnership Network brings together Presbyterians from around the United States who share a common mission focus in Eastern Europe. The network facilitates building and maintaining healthy partnerships and provides a place for representatives of various PC(USA) partnerships to share information, learn from each other, coordinate their efforts and find ways to have greater impact together as a network.

Subscribe to the EEPN occasional newsletter. View the newsletter archives for more information.

Jean Waters, Eastern Europe Partnership Network Communications Director
Jean can add you to the email list to receive the Eastern Europe Partnership Network newsletter. She can also connect you to other members of the Eastern Europe Partnership Network Steering Committee.

Join the Eastern Europe Partnership Network Facebook group to see additional updates, articles and events of note. The group page is private, to provide increased security. EEPN also has a public Facebook page that provides updates and information that would not compromise security for any of our partners.

Attend the Eastern Europe Partnership Network Annual Conference
The two-day conference, both live and online, will include speakers, discussion groups and networking. See the Eastern Europe Partnership Network newsletter and Facebook page for details.

Prayer Cards
Distribute prayer cards for Ellen Smith and for the Eastern Europe Partnership Network.

Donate to the Eastern Europe Partnership Network