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Madagascar Peacemaking Travel Study

November 6-18, 2017

Creation Care and Reconciliation in Madagascar

Ms. Sariaka in the garden of the Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar (FJKM) Ivato Seminary in Antananarivo, Madagascar. The garden is part of a program of support for the FJKM seminaries in collaboration with PC(USA).

Introduction to the Seminar
Three times the size of Great Britain, Madagascar is a unique jewel of creation. More than 80% of its flora and fauna is found nowhere else on earth. Despite the richness of the island’s biodiversity and other natural resources, Madagascar remains one of the world’s poorest nations with 92% of its population living on less than $2/day. Political instability has also impeded development and contributed to social tensions.

The PC(USA)’s partner, the five million-member Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar (known by its Malagasy acronym, FJKM), has multifaceted and holistic ministries that seek to respond to the challenges of poverty, human exploitation, social and political conflict, and environmental degradation as an integral part of what it means to follow Christ.

The seminar will expose participants to the FJKM’s various ministries of reconciliation and peace-building, as well as its efforts to promote sustainable human development whilst protecting the integrity of creation. There will also be opportunities to meet with other non-governmental organizations concerned with social justice and environmental protection.

Participants will spend time in and around Antananarivo, Madagascar’s beautiful capital, with excursions to Moramanga and Andasibe, three hours drive east of Antananarivo, and the regional centre of Antsirabe, four hours south. These trips will provide opportunities to visit rural communities, a mining company, and to see lemurs and other indigenous wildlife in a national park.