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Office of Innovation: Confidently co-creating with God new ways forward

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How is God calling you to innovate for the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

The Office of Innovation is devoted to amplifying faithful innovation throughout the PC(USA) and building a network of innovators keen on paving new ways of participation in God’s kin-dom.

Do you have a great idea? Want to share a story about innovation? Would you like to be part of the network?

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What does this mission entail?

Innovative people and developments are afoot throughout the greater church. The Office of Innovation seeks to catalyze and connect his collective genius of the PC(USA) and beyond.

We listen foster, connections and open pathways for shared learning.

What do you mean by innovation?

Scripture is saturated with God and the people of God innovating a new way out of no way.

It is no different now. Churches are transforming communities and lives through spirit-led innovation and making a difference worldwide.

Faithful innovation is co-creating with God a way forward that is both new (or renew) and useful to the Gospel and the kin-dom of God on earth as in heaven.

The book of Acts is a profound action-adventure of how God’s Holy Spirit and God’s people step into intersections to break possibility open from prohibition, to break new life into old expectations, and to innovate fresh approaches to existing challenges. The book of Acts is a scriptural and theological foundation and launchpad for understanding faithful innovation.