David Hudson

Mission co-workers in Japan since 2021
Serving at the invitation of the United Church of Christ in Japan (UCCJ)

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About David’s MinistryDavid previously served with the PC (USA) as the Area Coordinator for Asia and the Pacific. After retiring from pastoral ministry in 2021 he was delighted to serve through the United Church of Christ in Japan (UCCJ) as the PC (USA) Liaison for the Japan Mission. David has been invited and charged with the responsibility of passing the baton of leadership to Japanese Christians and medical professionals. It’s a new day for Japanese leaders to take over the helm of the Japan Mission, dream new dreams and work towards spiritual transformation within their context.Since 1859 Presbyterians, along with partners, have been at the forefront of evangelism, education, and medical ministries in Japan. Presbyterians were instrumental in establishing local churches, Christian schools, universities, and other institutions. Over the years, these institutions and ministries have become self-supporting.One of the largest mission endeavors was establishing the Yodogawa Christian Hospital in 1955 in a disadvantaged area of Osaka with seed money provided by Presbyterian Women. The hospital remains connected to the Japan Mission, which is currently being restructured to include new leadership. In 2022 the hospital went through a self-determination study process to discern its future direction. One major outcome of this was the decision to open a free and low-cost medical clinic in April of 2023. This initiative continues the mission spirit of providing whole person healing within the community for those in greatest need.

The hospital is one of the larger private ones in the region and has been a pioneer in focusing on whole person healing in the name of Jesus Christ. This is carried out in several ministries. One is through the hospital chaplaincy program, and another is through hospice care. The hospital was in the forefront of the hospice movement in Japan and established the first hospice for children in Japan. Other ministries include a home health care nursing program and a geriatric facility.

Together the Japan Mission and Yodogawa Christian Hospital are looking to deepen their partnership with the Presbyterian Church of Myanmar. The focus will be on supporting the rebuilding of the Agape Hospital in Kalaymyo, Myanmar. Please remember these ministries in your prayers and pray for guidance as they discern other mission initiatives.

Country Context

Japan boasts the third-largest economy in the world and is a major trading nation known for its high-quality products. Due to its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty, it is also a leading tourist attraction in Asia. However, with low birth rates and minimal immigration the population has decreased in recent years.

Most Japanese observe Shinto and/or Buddhist traditions, and many claim no religion at all. While the Christian faith has had a presence in Japan for several centuries, for various reasons there has been modest numerical growth of the Christian community. The church in Japan is mature and  through its congregations and educational, welfare, and medical institutions, it continues to witness to the love of Jesus Christ and makes vital contributions to Japanese society.

About David Hudson

David was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. Along with his wife and family, he has served in Korea, Pakistan, and India. He and his wife, Sue, have also pastored churches in the United States. David is a Minister of Word and Sacrament and a member of the Presbytery of Coastal Carolina.

The two scriptures that have been formational in his life are John 4:19 and Matthew 5:9.

We love, because God first loved us.”

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”

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