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LGBTQIA+ Equity Advocacy Committee

Formation of Committee

As directed by the 223rd General Assembly (2018), created a five-member task force to investigate the need for the creation of an Advocacy Committee for LGBTQIA+ concerns [223rd General Assembly (2018) Item 10-03]. The task force met monthly via Zoom, conducted interviews, and ultimately voted unanimously to recommend the creation of an Advocacy Committee for LGBTQIA+ Equity.

Rooted in the rich, Reformed theology of the PC(USA), the General Assembly has seen fit to provide within the structure of the denomination advocacy committees to provide accountability and prophetic witness on behalf of groups historically marginalized and silenced via oppressive power structures perpetuated by human sinfulness. The General Assembly has recognized the need for those who have been silenced or ignored by the power structure to be given direct access to decision-making tables through committees specifically called to focus on justice and equity for particular marginalized constituencies. These committees are tasked with amplifying those voices that have so often been silenced and ignored, calling the church and society to be a better reflection of the beloved community and kindom to which God calls us. What the church is recognizing today is that among these silenced and ignored voices are those of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Current Work

The LGBTQIA+ Equity Advocacy Committee had its first meeting via Zoom in November of 2023. As they begin to form a strategic plan for moving forward, committee members would like to spend time hearing from those who are part of the LGBTQIA+ Community as well as allies and advocates.

We have created an online suggestion box so you can share your issues and concerns with committee members directly.

Assigned Functions

  • The Advocacy Committee for LGBTQIA+ Equity shall assist the PC(USA) in providing full expression to the rich diversity of its membership as specified in the Book of Order, G-4.0403. The committee shall monitor and evaluate policies, procedures, programs, and resources regarding the way in which they impact the status and position of LGBTQIA+ persons in the church and the world; and shall advocate for full inclusiveness and equity in all areas of the life and work of the church and society.
  • Serve as the point of access for LGBTQIA+ affinity groups to the General Assembly and the Presbyterian Mission Agency facilitating the free flow of ideas, concerns, and other relevant information between the General Assembly, the Presbyterian Mission Agency, and the affinity groups.
  • Prepare and provide policy statements, resolutions, recommendations, reports, and advice and counsel memoranda on matters related to LGBTQIA+ Equity concerns to the General Assembly at the request of the General Assembly, the Presbyterian Mission Agency Board, or on its own initiative.
  • Advise the Presbyterian Mission Agency Board on matters related to LGBTQIA+ Equity including statements concerning pressing issues the board may wish to consider between meetings of the General Assembly.
  • Provide advice and counsel to the General Assembly and its committees on overtures, commissioners’ resolutions, reports, and actions before the General Assembly that impact matters related to LGBTQIA+ Equity.
  • Assist the Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy in maintaining an up-to-date and accurate compilation of General Assembly policy on matters related to LGBTQIA+ equity and provide information to the church as requested.
  • Provide the Stated Clerk, the Moderator(s) of the General Assembly, and the Executive Director of the Presbyterian Mission Agency with information as they fulfill their responsibilities to communicate and interpret General Assembly policies on matters related to LGBTQIA+ Equity.
  • Monitor the implementation of policies and programs relative to matters related to LGBTQIA+ Equity.
  • Through advocacy, maintains a strong prophetic witness to the church and for the church on existing and emerging issues matters related to LGBTQIA+ Equity.