Map of Venezuela

Map of Venezuela

Presbyterian World Mission maintains a historic partnership with the Presbyterian Church of Venezuela, founded in 1896 with the support of Presbyterian mission from the United States. The church is small but dedicated, and seeks to develop its capacity for new church development while continuing to support its ongoing ministries, which include the Colegio Americano in Caracas and several programs for at-risk children and youth. The church in Venezuela is eager to connect more with PC(USA) congregations and presbyteries.

Dennis Smith
Dennis lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina and travels to Venezuela regularly as Regional Liaison for South America. He cultivates healthy relationships with PC(USA) mission partners, supervises mission co-workers and encourages partnerships between US churches and churches in the region.

Read more about the Smiths’ ministry on their profile page, which you can find here.

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The Iglesia Presbiteriana de Venezuela is comprised of two presbyteries in northern Venezuela, especially in and around the cities of Caracas, Barquisimeto and Maracaibo. Its mission focuses on education, evangelism, and service.

Dennis Smith, regional liaison,

The Venezuela Mission Network connects US and Venezuelan Presbyterians in mutual mission. The contact person is Dennis Smith at