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World Mission is working with our partner in Nigeria, the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, to establish congregational, presbytery, and denomination connections that will enrich and support both the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and has the largest economy on the continent, but despite the incredible wealth generated by the oil industry, most of the country’s people remain impoverished.  The disparity between rich and poor, in conjunction with the Muslim-Christian, North-South divide, has led to outbreaks of violence that often follow ethnic and religious lines.

West Africa Regional Liaison Josh Heikkila (, who lives in Ghana, works in partnership with the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria to encourage, facilitate, and support presbyteries, congregations and individuals from the Presbyterian Church (USA) who have an interest in mission in Nigeria.

Read more about his ministry on his profile page, which you can find here.

The Presbyterian Church of Nigeria was founded by Scottish Presbyterian missionaries in the 1840s.  Although the church has its historic strength among the ethnic groups located in the southeast of the country, it is working hard to reach out beyond this base. In recent years, the church has placed a special emphasis on evangelism, hoping to double the size of church membership in the next 10 years. The Presbyterian Church of Nigeria is also organizing itself to become a mission sender, training, funding, and sending missionaries to several neighboring countries. Within the denomination, many women have become leaders. Nigerian Presbyterians – both male and female – play an important role in continent-wide African Christian organizations. The country is also known for producing high quality scholars, who are an asset both at home and abroad.

West Africa Regional Liaison Josh Heikkila can be reached at

Help encourage South-South mission collaboration by developing a partnership with Presbyterian Church in Nigeria. Support the work of the women of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria and the leadership they play in Africa-wide forums. Support the mission of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria as they send personnel to countries such as Niger, Mali, and Liberia. For more information on how to get involved, contact West Africa Regional Liaison Josh Heikkila at

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