More than 85 percent of the population of Myanmar holds to conservative Buddhist tradition, while about 5 percent is Christian, primarily Roman Catholic. Christians struggle to be an authentic voice of the culture of Myanmar while remaining faithful to the gospel.

Ecumenical News International reports that women account for more than half of the students enrolled in Myanmar’s theology classes. Observers say that interest in these 27 theological institutions has risen in response to government curbs on secular colleges after pro-democracy student protests in 1988.

Barry and Shelly Dawson, Regional Liaisons for South East Asia
Based in Bangkok, Thailand, Barry and Shelly Dawson serve together as the regional liaisons for Southeast Asia. The regional liaisons serve as a facilitators of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in support of partner programs, relationships and activities and as an implementer of Presbyterian World Mission strategy. The regional liaisons support PC(USA) mission co-workers in communications, information sharing, mentoring/guiding, encouraging, and reflection. In addition, the regional liaisons facilitate and strengthen healthy, effective and appropriate relationships among entities of the PC(USA) and those of partner denominations or organizations in the region. Read more about their work on their profile page, which you can find here.

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