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Mental Health Resources by Community Identity

Black Lives Matter street signThe National Alliance on Mental Illness is a leading advocacy and education grassroots organization serving people affected by mental illnesses and their loved ones. Each of the following links includes a discussion of identity and cultural dimensions of mental health along with guidance for accessing culturally appropriate support and a list of curated links to resources:

Mental Health America is a leading grassroots mental health education and advocacy organization. Statistical data, identity and cultural dimensions of mental health, access/insurance issues, and a collection of curated links to community-specific resources have been developed for each of the following identity groupings:

  • BIPOC Mental Health In July 2020, MHA committed to “using a racial equity and intersectional lens to highlight, better understand and effectively respond to the range of experiences.” A new BIPOC infographic, health-care disparity data and policy issues relevant to special populations can be accessed at the above link. BIPOC stands for Black, Indigenous, People of Color and it is meant to unite people of color while acknowledging that not all people of color face the same levels of injustice or trauma.