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Becoming Presbyterian

Colliding with Jesus: This new worshiping community in Bellingham, Washington helps women find healing and purpose in their brokenness to help others in theirs.

49 million American households are finding spiritual inspiration through religious podcasts. One of those — Aijcast — is hosted by PC(USA) minister, the Rev. Marthame Sanders. It began as a church plant and has been supported by both the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta and the 1001 New Worshiping Communities movement in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Seven years ago, three congregations — dissolved — closed their doors and started something new together. A multi-ethnic worshiping community that is now 50 percent people of color and 50 percent white.

“I often catch myself just stopping for a moment to look out over the room. It occurs to me that I’m seeing the gospel happening before my eyes.” — Wendie Brockhaus
A 1001 new worshiping community of peace and reconciliation in a city divided is thriving thanks to a partnership with an established PC(USA) congregation in Kanas City.

“Our whole town is becoming sacred holy ground… a sanctuary because we’ve worshipped in all these places: parks, beaches and all the rest.” – Katy Steinberg, Founder/Pastor of Missing Peace

Ebenezer is a church WITH the poor and immigrants in Linda Vista. Led by co-pastors Noel Musicha —an immigrant from Malawi — and Jeremiah Lester, son of first generation immigrant, Ebenezer is working with neighborhood partners to disrupt the cycle of generational poverty in their neighborhood.

There are so many good reasons to participate in coaching and have a coach. A coach can be a sounding board for the NWC leader and can really help a presbytery in their new worshiping community work. A diverse of coaches can work with just about any ethnic group and can provide helped without whatever or challenge the new worship community faces.

Kenyan new worshiping community doubles worship attendance with language swap — focus on ‘Ubuntu’ broadens community reach.

Brett Foote (Princeton Theological Seminary student) and his wife Laura attended a Discerning Missional Leadership assessment where they shared their dream of starting a 1001 new worshiping community housed in a coffee shop that employees people affected by disability.

Sanctuary, a 1001 new worshiping community in Pittsburgh, is a dinner church which meets weekly in Rev. Laura Bentley’s home — and also monthly for conversations in a neighborhood pub.

Discerning Missional Leadership (DML) assessments help potential 1001 new worshiping community leaders identify gifts, potential blind spots by focusing on spiritual maturity, missional behaviors and leadership capacity.

The dark is very scary for many of the kids who skateboard. Living in poverty they go to bed hungry at night, which is when the police or CPS come. Serious JuJu, a worshiping community for skateboarders — and those who love them — is helping save these kids’ lives. JuJu is an indoor skate park and food ministry. A shelter from the storms and crisis kids are having.

First Presbyterian Church of Hayward in San Francisco’s Bay Area — a congregation of around 350 — has helped launch four new worshiping communities within a 12-mile radius of the church. Each NWC leader is on the church staff.

National Capital Presbytery in Washington, D.C., has just launched a new worshiping community. The Porch at Faith Chapel is housed in a manse next door to a church that closed two years ago in food and wine country in Lucketts, Virginia.

Michael Plank is a half-time pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Hudson Falls, New York, and founder of Underwood Park CrossFit. The new worshiping community he started in 2014 is self-sustaining. More than 100 members pay a monthly fee to work out physically and spiritually in a gym.

Finding ‘Common Ground’ on Jesuit Campus: Worshiping community at Xavier University in Cincinnati provides spiritual home for diverse group of non-Catholic students.

For the first time, Presbyterians have a mission presence on the eastern edge of the island, thanks to a new worshiping community — Misión Presbyteriana en Rio Grande. Their mission: to do what Jesus taught, by going to the people who need him.

‘Language of Heaven’ for 1001 New Worshiping Community in Huntington Beach, California: Arabic Presbyterian Fellowship learning to reach out to Muslim neighbors.

It all began when a Presbyterian family from Homs in Syria moved to Costa Mesa, California, and got in touch with Presbyterian Church of the Covenant. They had left before the Syrian Crisis unfolded — and knew there were enough Syrian Presbyterians who wanted to start an Arabic speaking worship service.

In Manhattan, New York City, a new worshiping community is being formed thanks to a nearly 140-year-old church that takes seriously its belief that all God’s people are holy.