Build up the body of Christ. Support the Pentecost Offering.

Your gift will help repair the breaches in our world.

Share God’s love with our neighbors in need.

Sometimes it seems like the gaps in our world are only widening. Hundreds of millions of people lack access to sustainable food sources, clean water, sanitation, education and opportunity. Crises like conflict and climate change are worsening existing inequalities and injustices.

But the great challenge and privilege of our faith is that we are called to be repairers of the breach. We are called to bridge those widening gaps and to live in solidarity with our siblings in Christ, wherever they might be.

Now in its 75th year, One Great Hour of Sharing continues to be the single largest way Presbyterians come together to work for a better world. When you give generously today, you help restore hope, provide food to the hungry and accompany the poor and oppressed by supporting three lifesaving programs:

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA)

    • Works alongside communities as they recover and find hope after the devastation of natural or human-caused disasters.
    • Provides support for refugees. 

Presbyterian Hunger Program (PHP)

    • Takes action to alleviate hunger and care for creation.
    • Addresses the systemic causes of poverty so all may be fed. 

Self-Development of People (SDOP)

    • Invests in communities responding to their experiences of oppression, poverty and injustice.
    • Educates Presbyterians about the impact of these issues.

If we answer the call to be repairers of the breach, we will, by God’s grace, be led into a new season of justice, freedom and peace. That’s because when we all do a little, it adds up to a lot. Please give generously to One Great Hour of Sharing today.

*You can become a “Pillar of the Church” by selecting the “Recurring donation” option and supporting One Great Hour of Sharing every month of the year.