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The people of Sri Lanka have been hit hard by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and a political and economic crisis. The country declared bankruptcy in 2022. Since then, hardworking families have struggled to keep food on the table.

Your gift today can help support our partners like the Presbyterian Hunger Program’s partner Praja Abhilasha Network. The group has created a bank of indigenous seeds people can use at no cost.

Empowering communities to plant native seeds has been transformative! The seeds have natural resistance, eliminating the need for expensive — and dangerous — chemical fertilizers and insecticides. Instead, seed bank members are trained to produce their own natural pesticides and fertilizers sustainably

Now, farmers are growing not just healthier food, but more food, helping to improve food security for the community, ensure self-sufficiency and prevent indigenous seeds from becoming extinct.

Seed banks like this one are drivers for positive change … and so are you! Please, bless more lives with your gift today.

From Sri Lanka to your own community, we’ll find the areas of greatest need and put your generosity to work to build God’s community of justice and love and bear witness to the love of Christ.


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