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Grounded Scriptures: created in God’s image

AND A PRAYER. Great God, you have created us in your image, and imprinted upon us your attributes. You have created us to be creators, you have created us to be creative. Deep in our souls is imprinted your limitless vision of this world’s fertility and abundance; sharp on our hearts is your call to exercise good stewardship and loving care over what is entrusted to us. We feel the true goodness of the world you have created And the particular goodness of our little corner of the world. We are standing on holy ground; ought we to have removed our shoes? Great God, Into your servants breathe the inspiration of your holy spirit, Scrub away whatever is covering your image hidden inside. Allow us to pray and to think and to speak from that place of creativity, of wisdom, of love and tender care. Be in our work, and in our play. Be love in our hearts today. In the strong name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.

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