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South Sudan

E048303 – South Sudan Council Of Churches

Provide ongoing support for the SSCC’s ministries in the new Republic of South Sudan. The Council strives to encourage and strengthen through ecumenical cooperation ministry to communities that continue to experience the violence of ethnic hostility, have not recovered economically from the civil war, and who seek to build their lives with a new hope. Priority… Read more »

E052030 – Presbyterian Relief & Development Agency

The Presbyterian Relief and Development Agency (PRDA) of the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan serves the people of South Sudan to bring opportunities for development help in farming and other self-help enterprises, as well as midwifery training. It also provides short term relief responses. The country has had a long-running food security crisis because of ongoing… Read more »

E052032 – Resource Center for Civil Leadership (RECONCILE)

RECONCILE was established in March 2004 by the Sudan Council of Churches. Gifts will help equip communities in South Sudan with skills for sustainable peace through trauma healing, accountable governance and conflict resolution through courses at the RECONCILE Peace Institute and community-based trainings. (E052032)

E862759 – Health Work, Presbyterian Church of South Sudan

Ravaged by years of war, communities in South Sudan lack many of the basic necessities for survival, including health services. Meanwhile people suffer in a vicious cycle of poverty and disease. Flare-ups of violence cause further harm and injury. Gifts to this account will focus on community health care. (E862759)

E864815 – Across

Gifts will help Across with relief projects in South Sudan in areas ravaged by civil wars; also, those displaced by the wars and provide project leadership in the areas of water, education, agriculture, cattle raising, food and community health. (E864815)