Theology Formation and Evangelism

E052189-Presbyterian Youth Triennium

The Presbyterian Youth Triennium gathers high school age young people for an event focused on worship, disciple making, Christian compassion and justice and biblical/theological education. The Triennium is a well-planned, lead and implemented event – and a catalyst for many young people to take the next steps in their faith. This fund will help provide… Read more »

E052072 – Travel & Project Funds, Office of Camp & Conference Ministries

Provide funds to allow for additional travel and special projects for the promotion and advancement of camp and conference ministries (surveys, grants, group planning meetings, consultations, brochures, etc.) initiated by the Office of Camp and Conference Ministries. (E052072)

E868807 – Montreat Conference Center

Montreat, a national conference center in North Carolina, serves over 30,000 conferees and other guests annually in its 40,000-acre complex. Funds received through this project will improve and expand the year-round conference housing and strengthen programs. (E868807)

E052084 – Vital Congregations

Vital Congregations is an holistic approach to helping churches engage their missional identity through evangelism, spiritual practices, mission in the community, leadership development, inspiring worship, caring capacity, and healthy systems. This ministry will work in partnership with mid councils to assist churches in living into the most faithful ministry possible. This fund will support the… Read more »

E868808 – Stony Point Center

For more than 40 years Stony Point, our national conference center in New York State, has played an important role in the educational ministry of the church and equipping God’s people for mission. As the center prepares for ministry in the twenty-first century, it is more involved in helping churches renew local congregations. Facilities need… Read more »

E052090 – Evangelism & Church Growth Ministry

Supports the fulfillment of the vision to help every church and presbytery pursue its full redemptive potential. This is accomplished through ministries that: Ignite a passion for Jesus, Inspire the church to be the church, and Equip leaders for ministry. (E052090)

E868809 – Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu

Gifts to this project would permit the expansion of educational programs and community outreach at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico. (E868809)

E052102 – Scholarship for Seminary Students

Contributions will be used to assist Presbyterian seminary students through programs approved by Presbyterian Mission Agency including Presbyterian Study Grant, Racial Ethnic Supplemental Grant, and Native American Supplemental Grant. (E052102)

PC999999 – Pentecost Offering

The Pentecost Offering is unique in that congregations direct 40 percent of what they receive for ministries which benefit children at risk. The remaining 60 percent supports mission through child advocacy (10 percent), youth ministry (25 percent), and Young Adult Volunteer opportunities (25 percent).(PC999999)