Peace at all times, in all ways. Give to the Peace & Global Witness Offering

Disaster Response & Development

E864815 – Across

Gifts will help Across with relief projects in South Sudan in areas ravaged by civil wars; also, those displaced by the wars and provide project leadership in the areas of water, education, agriculture, cattle raising, food and community health. (E864815)

DR000156 – Disaster Relief-International Refugee Programs

This designated account supplements the One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) offering to enable a significant response for humanitarian efforts to assist international refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs). Your faithful giving is deeply appreciated. (DR000156)

E132192 – Missionary Support

Gifts from individuals, combined with Basic Mission Support funds from congregations, enable Presbyterian mission personnel to work in approximately 50 countries. As church wide mission funding continues to change, we cannot keep dedicated mission workers in service unless Presbyterians support us with gifts over and above their congregational giving. Presbyterian World Mission will send as… Read more »

OG300000 – OGHS Hunger General

Contributions to OGHS designated specifically for the Presbyterian Hunger Program to address famine, alleviate hunger and eliminate its causes.(OG300000)

E048303 – South Sudan Council Of Churches

Provide ongoing support for the SSCC’s ministries in the new Republic of South Sudan. The Council strives to encourage and strengthen through ecumenical cooperation ministry to communities that continue to experience the violence of ethnic hostility, have not recovered economically from the civil war, and who seek to build their lives with a new hope. Priority… Read more »

E864015 – Special Opportunities In World Mission

Special funds are needed to increase our response to world mission needs in the areas of evangelism, health, development and other ministries. Overseas mission work is often inhibited because of unpredictable funding patterns. This ECO will provide the means to better respond to the needs of Christian churches around the world as they seek to… Read more »

E200416 – Regional Liaison For South Africa

As the regional liaison for Southern Africa, Doug Tilton facilitates the PC(USA)’s partner relationships, supports other mission personnel, and works with presbytery and congregational partnerships. He also has responsibilities for facilitating PC(USA) World Mission advocacy efforts in Africa in cooperation with the Office of Public Witness. He works in Lesotho, Madagascar, Mozambique, South Africa, and… Read more »