Mission Co-Workers

E052069-Guatemala Presbyterian Women Program Facilitator

Gifts to this account will be used to defray the direct and indirect costs of travel and operating expenses for the work of the facilitator for Presbyterian Women’s Program in Guatemala to help implement agreed upon programs with partner churches and institutions, supporting PC(USA) congregations, presbyteries, and Presbyterian Women in mission involvement with the Presbyterian… Read more »

E200491 Regional Liaison for East Asia

After more than 20 years of mission service in South Korea and Taiwan, Choon and Yen Hee Lim were named regional liaisons for East Asia in 2012. Choon works with global partners in South Korea, North Korea, China, Japan, and Taiwan. He is the chief relational bridge connecting these global partners with the PC(USA). Yen… Read more »

E200316 – Principal for RECONCILE Peace Institute, Sudan

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and the Reformed Church in America (RCA) have joined their efforts by sending Reverends Nancy and Shelvis Smith-Mather to South Sudan to work alongside the Sudanese. Shelvis is the principal of the RECONCILE Peace Institute, which equips leaders to initiate sustainable peace in places of high conflict and trauma. Nancy is… Read more »

E200484 – Coordinator of Christian Volunteers Thailand

Sharon Bryant coordinates volunteers who come to Thailand on mission assignments to serve in schools, hospitals, and churches. English teachers serve Thai students in grades K–12 who attend the 25 Christian schools of the Church of Christ in Thailand. (E200484) Home presbytery: Grace

E200525 – Partnership Liaison/Regional Consultant for Diyar Consortium

As a liaison for ecumenical partnership, the bulk of Victor Makari’s time is spent providing consultative support for the witness of the Christian community in the Middle East to issues of religion and state in the Arab world. “Maintaining the bonds of relationship with the churches and giving substance to the fellowship we have together… Read more »

E200343 – Holistic Community Developers

Mission co-workers are intentionally immersed in cross-cultural community development in Thailand. Through their purposeful rhythms of prayerful discernment, active involvement with indigenous people, and theological reflection, they serve as catalysts for mobilizing missional engagements, facilitating leadership development, and initiating constructive dialogue with people of all faiths. They say their purpose in Thailand is “to fulfill… Read more »

E200496 – Young Adult Volunteer Site Coordinator for South Korea

Kurt Esslinger and Hyeyoung Lee mentor Presbyterian Young Adult Volunteers (YAVs) who spend one year living and serving in Korea. Their goal is to help the YAVs have a clear sense of their call to promote social justice, reconciliation, and evangelism as people of faith. As they guide young adults to reflect on their experiences,… Read more »

E200515 – Africa Community Health Facilitator

Luta Garbat-Welch serves as the PC(USA) Africa Community Health Facilitator in Malawi, where she is based, and in four other countries: the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Zambia. She helps African partners develop sustainable community health programs and implement Community Health Evangelism. Jeremy, a clinically trained hospital chaplain, shares his expertise… Read more »

E200519 – Professor of New Testament and Greek, Cuba

The Evangelical Theological Seminary in Matanzas, Cuba, founded in 1946 by Presbyterian, Methodist, and Episcopal churches, prepares ministers for Cuban churches that include the longtime PC(USA) partner church, the Presbyterian Reformed Church in Cuba. To meet the demand for professors, the seminary invited David Cortes-Fuentes to teach New Testament and Greek. Josefina Saez-Acevedo uses her… Read more »

E200447 – Companionship Facilitator, Joining Hands Against Hunger, Peru

Jenny Koball coordinates the Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) program in Peru, organizing volunteer and cultural immersion experiences in Peru for young adults from the US and shepherding them, and the receiving organizations in a year of service, mutual learning, and building Christian community. Jed Koball, who has been serving as a mission co-worker in Peru… Read more »