Mission Co-Workers

E052069-Guatemala Presbyterian Women Program Facilitator

Gifts to this account will be used to defray the direct and indirect costs of travel and operating expenses for the work of the facilitator for Presbyterian Women’s Program in Guatemala to help implement agreed upon programs with partner churches and institutions, supporting PC(USA) congregations, presbyteries, and Presbyterian Women in mission involvement with the Presbyterian… Read more »

E200491 Regional Liaison for East Asia

After more than 20 years of mission service in South Korea and Taiwan, Choon and Yen Hee Lim were named regional liaisons for East Asia in 2012. Choon works with global partners in South Korea, North Korea, China, Japan, and Taiwan. He is the chief relational bridge connecting these global partners with the PC(USA). Yen… Read more »

E200412 – Health Consultant, Congo

“Larry Sthreshley works with partner churches and organizations to help them build capacity for health ministry in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. His work with Interchurch Medical Assistance (IMA) has helped partners run large, internationally funded health programs that have positive impacts on health. Larry says his goal is to help the church “effectively… Read more »

E200517 – Youth Worker in Niger

As a development specialist at a youth center, Claire Zuhosky works with the Evangelical Church in the Republic of Niger (EERN) to develop a program in life-skills training and vocational education. Her responsibilities include working with the church and community to determine the needs of its youth, who are living in one of the poorest… Read more »

E200453 – Theology Lecturer, Nile Theological College

The Nile Theological College is an ecumenical theological institution serving the Presbyterian Church of Sudan, the Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church and others. It seeks to provide high quality training and education in both English and Arabic for the churches in Sudan – principally in the north. The mission worker will teach a range of theological… Read more »

E200429 – Christian Educator & Evangelist, Congo

Bob and Kristi Rice work with the Presbyterian Community of Congo (CPC). Bob and Kristi help the Department of Evangelism as it seeks to strengthen and expand the impact of the church. The department’s priorities include a ministry with street children, equipping the development of new churches, strengthening the training of rural pastors, producing print… Read more »

E200482 – Joining Hands Facilitator, Haiti

As a companionship facilitator for FONDAMA, the Joining Hands program in Haiti, Cindy Corell connects the realities of farmers facing hunger, seed alienation, and land grabbing with churches in the US, so that together they can work on improving those policies that prevent farmers from doing what they do best—grow food to feed people. As… Read more »

E200392 – Regional Liaison For Central Europe & The Roma

As regional liaison for Central Europe, Burkhard Paetzold focuses much of his ministry on work among the Roma people, one of Europe’s most marginalized groups. He facilitates and supports the efforts of mission personnel, church leaders, and community leaders who, while working alongside the Roma people, strive to fully include them in congregations and in… Read more »

E200505 – Education Consultant for Indigenous People, Guatemala

Richard and Debbie Welch serve as educational consultants working with Guatemala’s indigenous people. Together with the National Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Guatemala and its presbyteries, they work to increase access to primary, vocational, and theological education. “We, as well as our partner church, believe that education is one path out of the crushing poverty that… Read more »

E200101 – Mission Personnel Addressing the Root Causes of Poverty

This project will fund the sending and support costs of mission personnel working to address the root causes of poverty, especially as they affect women and children. We send these mission personnel to work in partnership alongside our partners, believing that God’s justice compels us to apply voice and action on behalf of and in… Read more »