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2024 Lenten Devotional Resources

The season of Lent is a time of prayer, fasting and self-examination in preparation for the celebration of the resurrection of the Lord at Easter. It is a period of 40 days — like the flood of Genesis, Moses’ sojourn at Mount Sinai, Elijah’s journey to Mount Horeb, Jonah’s call to Ninevah to repent and Jesus’ time of testing in the wilderness. The agencies of the PC(USA) offer a variety of devotional and worship resources for Lent, which you will find listed below.

Tread Lightly for Lent: Daily Reflection-Action Calendar: The Presbyterian Hunger Program strives to walk with people in moving towards sustainable choices that restore and protect all of God’s children and Creation. As people of faith, we seek to “serve and preserve” God’s world. However, some of our collective choices have led to a changing global climate, which translates to warmer temperatures, rising sea levels and severe storms, just to name a few. To turn this tide, we must commit to treading lightly on God’s Earth. In Lent, we slow down, take time, and examine our internal spiritual lives and the way we live out our Christian faith in the world around us. Our hope is that this Lenten calendar will be the beginning of actions intended to create more mindful behaviors throughout the year. Click here.

Pause: Spending Lent with the Psalms, by Elizabeth F. Caldwell. This book provides a simple but profound approach of pausing with the psalms during Lent. In addition to the individual devotion and group study material found in the book, you can access free digital resources, which include a sermon series guide, children’s bulletins, discussion starter videos, and illustrated sheets for use during worship or study, by clicking here. It is 35% off at PC(USA) Store, costing $11.05. Read an excerpt.

Hard and Holy Work: A Lenten Journey through the Book of Exodus, by Mary Alice Birdwhistell and Tyler D. Mayfield. This book guides readers on a Lenten journey, urging us to view the marginalized as God does, reflect on how privilege and uncertainty can hinder our focus, and persevere in justice work. In addition to the individual devotion and group study material found in the book, you can access free digital resources, which include a sermon series guide and discussion starter videos, by clicking here. It is 35% off at PC(USA) Store, costing $11.05. Read an excerpt.

An Invitation to Lament and Hope: A Witness from the Presbytery of Mid-Kentucky: A report and worship resources from the Presbytery of Mid-Kentucky, which were created for and shared with the 225th General Assembly (2022), invite the mid councils and worshiping communities of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) to intentionally share in lament and give voice to hope within their own ecclesiastical, historical and social contexts. Resources available include an original hymn, “Come Bear Witness”; a video; and a compilation of liturgical resources on lament and hope. Click here.

Journey through the Mist: A Spiritually Guided Lent: This journey published by Unbound, will include daily recitations and practices along with weekly and Holy Week video meditations. This journey will be published in full on our website, but follow our socials — Facebook, Instagram, X and YouTube — to join the journey throughout the Lenten season.

Journey to the Cross, a devotional series that provides inspiration during the Lenten season, returns to on Ash Wednesday (Feb. 14) and will continue through the Sunday following Easter (April 7). This series features Scripture, prayer and meditative thoughts accompanied by gentle music. Journey to the Cross is part of the year-round ecumenical devotional website and app, d365, which is partially sponsored by the Presbyterian Mission Agency through the Office of Presbyterian Youth and Triennium.

The Office of Theology and Worship has provided a collection of worship resources for Lent, including an Ash Wednesday service, a service of preparation for Holy Communion based on the Beatitudes, daily Scripture readings (two lectionary options provided) and Eucharistic prayers based on the Revised Common Lectionary readings for the season. Click here.

One Great Hour of Sharing, which is promoted and received during the season of Lent, is the single largest way that Presbyterians join together to share God’s love with our neighbors in need around the world. Access the Leader’s Guide, worship resources, Minutes for Mission and more by clicking here.

PEC 2024 Lenten Devotional from Earth Care perspectives:  Presbyterians for Earth Care (PEC) invites individuals and congregations to participate in the growing earth care movement within the PC(USA). PEC is a national eco-justice network that cares for God’s creation by connecting, equipping and inspiring Presbyterians to make creation care a central concern of the church. All of the devotions in our free 2024 devotional are provided in both English and Spanish languages. We are grateful for all of our gifted devotion writers as well as translators Gloria D. Lozada De-Jesús and the Rev. Dr. Neddy Astudillo of Red Presbiteriana para el Cuidado de la Creación. Click here.

New listings will be added as additional resources become available.