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“Do not doubt, but believe.” John 20:27

Thursday, October 10



Marika Papp, at the Dencsháza Tanoda

Dencsháza is a village of 650 residents in the southern part of Hungary. In 2009 its school and children’s center (tanoda) was opened through the collaboration of the Reformed Church of Hungary Mission Centre, the village primary school and Reformed congregation, and the local government. The residents of Dencsháza have multiple disadvantages. Twenty-five percent of adults are active but unemployed, and 30 percent of the population declare themselves as Roma.

The school program supports Roma students aged 10–16 who live in and near Dencsháza. It offers after-school care and tutoring for children with learning difficulties. The school helps students gain healthy self-esteem and develop problem-solving skills. These children then become part of a tutoring team in their family, so the effect of the project is multiplied. Sixty students have already participated in the program. Cultural events and outings, music therapy, Bible studies, chess and skating lessons, and family weekends that include tutoring expand the students’ worldview.

The Safe Start Children Centre located in the same refurbished church building supports mainly Roma children from infancy until age five. Teachers work with students to help them achieve the development level appropriate to their respective ages. There is close cooperation among the teachers. The Centre encourages the children and their families to eat healthy, participate in parents’ consultation and family visiting, and work in small groups. Since opening, the Centre has provided care for 80 children.

—István Bóni, director, Dencsháza Tanoda, and Marika Papp, parent of one of the schoolchildren

Let us join in prayer for:

Reformed Church of Hungary (RCH): Rev. Gustáv Bölcskei, presiding bishop, Rev. Zoltan Tarr, general secretary, Rev. Balázs Odor, ecumenical officer, Karoly Czibere, diaconal department • Church of Scottish Mission in Budapest: Rev. Aaron Stevens, director • Hungarian Interchurch Aid: Lázló Lehel, director • Bethesda Children’s Hospital • Immanuel Home: Zsofia Györi • Opre Roma: Gyula Balogh, president, Dr. Karolian Kosa, secretary • Önkentes Diakonia Ev.: Emese Zavodi • Iranian Evangelical Fellowship of Budapest • Roma Gadje Dialog through Service: Richard Otterness, director • European Diaconal Year Network: Ferenc Turcsik, director

Presbytery Partnerships: Missouri Union Presbytery and Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area, with the RCH

PC(USA) Agencies’ Staff
Tina Rhudy, PMA
Elder Kerry Rice, OGA

Let us pray

Dear God, our Heavenly Father, we give thanks to you for the Roma people. We pray for them. Lord, make us able to live lives worthy of you, so that we delight you with our pure heart, our truthfulness, and our actions. Amen.

Daily Lectionary

Morning Psalms 97; 147:12-20
First Reading 2 Kings 23:4-25
Second Reading 1 Corinthians 12:1-11
Gospel Reading Matthew 9:18-26
Evening Psalms 16; 62

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