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“For I was hungry and you gave me food.” Matt. 25:35

Saturday, January 11

The Presbytery of New Harmony

South Carolina

Who are the young adults of the Presbytery of New Harmony, and what are they up to?

They’re full-time church professionals who are also part-time seminarians, attending class every Saturday while cheering on soccer-coaching spouses and balancing textbooks and teething babies in front of their laptops.

They’re attending 12-step meetings down the hall from their children’s preschool art gallery.

They’re performing magic tricks and planning youth mission trips as well as their own services of ordination as teaching elders.

They’re pursuing domestic and international adoption, and they’re adopting new and healthier habits.

They’re serving as ruling elders, committee chairs, deacons, and casserole makers.

They’re motivated, irritated, incarcerated, and medicated.

They’re taking part in rigorous CPE programs and offering pastoral care to children and their families as they learn and grow in ministry.

They’re walking their dogs, singing in the chancel choir, and serving as the Spanish translator on mission trips.

They’re Stephen ministers and Zumba instructors.

They’re doing their grocery shopping at the food pantry and serving lunch at the soup kitchen.

They’re seeking their first calls while studying for their last set of finals.

They’re at chemotherapy and car-repair appointments.

They’re drinking coffee, completely connected, and feeling utterly alone.

They’re choosing to be a part of the PC(USA) even when the rest of their family is not.

They’re sitting in the balcony, and they’re nowhere to be seen.

They’re seeking and craving justice, loving and showing kindness, and walking humbly and hopefully with God.

The Presbytery of New Harmony is home to 74 congregations.

Ruling Elder Julie L. Cox, associate executive presbyter

Let us join in prayer for:

Presbytery Staff
Teaching Elder Bruce E. Ford, executive presbyter/stated clerk
Ruling Elder Julie L. Cox, associate executive presbyter
Netanyia G. Samuel, secretary/receptionist
Linda M. Borgman, office administrator
Elise H. Walker, financial secretary
Jason Steen, facilities director, Camp Pee Dee Retreat Center
Mike Smith, maintenance staff, Camp Pee Dee Retreat Center
Bonnie Lewis, barn manager, Camp Pee Dee Retreat Center

PC(USA) Agencies’ Staff
Marsha Bailey, PMA
Ginna Bairby, PMA
Hollis Baker, BOP
Kristine Baker, PMA

Let us pray

God of all ages, we thank you for all stages of our faith and lives. Open us, we beg, to serving and welcoming all your people. This we pray in the name of Jesus Christ, who met strangers and friends and who gives us new life. Amen.

Daily Lectionary

Morning Psalms 46 or 47; 149
First Reading Isaiah 65:13-16
Second Reading Revelation 3:7-13
Gospel Reading John 6:15-27
Evening Psalms 27; 93 or 114

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