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“Do not doubt, but believe.” John 20:27

Friday, August 23

The Presbytery of the Peaks


CEDEPCA celebrates its 25th anniversary with representatives of the Presbytery of the Peaks.


For 25 years, the Presbytery of the Peaks has been in partnership with CEDEPCA, the Evangelical Center for Pastoral Studies in Central America. CEDEPCA seeks to form thoughtful, compassionate disciples of Jesus Christ whose world is big enough to include all God’s children and who care for all of God’s creation. They offer tools to eradicate violence and injustice, especially violence against women and children.

In August 2011, CEDEPCA celebrated its 25th anniversary. The following excerpt is from a speech given at the celebration by Kathy Carpenter, chair of the Peaks Presbytery Partnership Workgroup.

“Our partnership has meant many things to us. We have stayed in one another’s homes—sharing laughter and tears, stories, meals, and countless cherished times together. You have shown us what it is to be the church—Christ’s body—proclaiming good news to the poor and release to the captives.

“You have taken us to places we otherwise would not have gone: to meet some of God’s most incredible people, to hear stories of unimaginable sadness, to have our hearts broken open, to share in the suffering of Christ, to see the face of Jesus in our brothers and sisters, and to experience the resurrection in the lives of the people of Guatemala. You have helped us see past our own North American context in a new understanding of global systems of injustice and oppression and challenged us to join in transforming those systems so that together we can build God’s kingdom. May God bless us with many, many more years of partnership in ministry together.”

The presbytery is home to 133 congregations and their 16,835 members.

Let us join in prayer for:

Presbytery Staff
Nancy Dawson, general presbyter
Kim Steinhorst, interim associate presbyter
Hugh Springer, stated clerk
Robin Padgett, office manager
Donna Tyree, treasurer
Mary Barton, resource center
Roberta Kidd, vacancy coordinator
Tammy Dowden, office support
Joyce Russell, ministry staff support
Denise Pillow, hunger action enabler

PC(USA) Agencies’ Staff
Ada Middleton, PMA
Terri L. Milburn, PMA

Let us pray

Merciful Lord, forgive us for not listening, for not hearing the voices of the oppressed and suffering, especially those in Guatemala we remember today. May your love guide us in joining our brothers and sisters for transformation, bringing glory and honor to you. Amen.

Daily Lectionary

Morning Psalms 130; 148
First Reading 2 Samuel 19:24-43
Second Reading Acts 24:24-25:12
Gospel Reading Mark 12:35-44
Evening Psalms 32; 139

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