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“Truly this man was God’s Son!” —Mark 1:39

Monday, August 11

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Project Torch wedding Photo by Judy Chan


Project Torch wedding


Photo by Judy Chan



University education is a dream for most young people in mainland China. The entry system is highly competitive, and only those with exceptional ability and grades get the chance to study at the university level. However, some outstanding students who are accepted cannot afford the cost. Some come from rural areas where their parents’ income cannot pay expenses for four years, an inability that has even led some to commit suicide.

In response to this situation, the Hong Kong Christian Council started Project Torch to help these deserving young people. This year 590 sponsored students are studying in Yunnan, Fujian, Nanjing, Sichuan, Henan, and Shantung. The program has thus far sponsored almost 900 graduates, who are now working and making significant contributions to the nation. The love and support from Hong Kong sponsors goes beyond financial aid. The sponsors become mentors and friends. A few years ago, 10 Project Torch graduates decided to have a group wedding ceremony. With guidance and assistance from “aunties” and “uncles” from Hong Kong, the 10 couples were united in holy matrimony. “The Bible says, ‘We love because God loves us first,’ ” one groom wrote. “We 10 couples will love each other, help future generations of Project Torch, and witness to the amazing grace that has been bestowed upon us from God.”

Rev. Judy C. Chan, PC(USA) mission coworker, Hong Kong

Let us join in prayer for:


Amity Foundation: Mr. Qui Zhonghui, general secretary • China Christian Council: Rev. Gao Feng, president, Rev. Kan Baoping, executive associate general secretary • Nanjing Union Theological Seminary: Rev. Gao Feng, president, Rev. Chen Yilu, vice president • National Committee of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Churches in China: Elder Fu Xianwei, chair, Rev. Xiaohong Xu, general secretary

PC(USA) Agencies’ Staff

Nancy McWhorter, PMA
Don Meade, PMA
Melody Medley, PMA
Karen Meier, BOP
Kathy Melvin, PMA

Let us pray

Dear God, we give thanks for the dedication and sacrifice of all those who labor for education in China. May all students know the plans you have for them, to give them a future with hope. Amen.

Daily Lectionary

Morning Psalms 5; 145
First Reading Judges 12:1-7
Second Reading Acts 5:12-26
Gospel Reading John 3:1-21
Evening Psalms 82; 29

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