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“Let all the inhabitants of the land tremble, for the day of the LORD is coming, it is near.” —Joel 2:1b

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Thursday, April 23

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Presbytery of the Inland Northwest

Idaho, Washington

One of many gatherings to discern the Spirit’s work in the neighborhoods of the presbytery Courtesy of Norm Ernst


One of many gatherings to discern the Spirit’s work in the neighborhoods of the presbytery


Courtesy of Norm Ernst


Do you want to know where to find Jesus today? Have you ever wondered how to figure out what God is up to in the world? If so, then you must move back into the neighborhood, because that’s where you’ll find Jesus and connect with what God is up to.

Four year ago, our presbytery began a mission study—surveying our congregations’ perspectives, engaging in appreciative inquiry at presbytery gatherings, holding training sessions on adaptive change, and studying books on transformation. Our findings firmly established that the presbytery exists to help congregations follow God’s initiative in the world, which includes seeking transformation by the power of the Spirit.

In response we began our Future Church Project in 2013. With a gift from Bethany Presbyterian Church in Spokane, Washington, and a matching PC(USA) Mission Program Grant, we contracted with Alan Roxburgh of the Missional Network to lead us.

Throughout 2014 we listened together in congregational and clergy learning communities and asked, “What experiments might the Spirit be inviting us into as we engage with our neighborhoods?”

Our goal is to equip the 46 congregations of the Presbytery of the Inland Northwest with new capacities to experiment, discern, and experiment some more. Our recent experience tells us that this action-reflection-action cycle often generates creative tension that leads to congregation-wide transformation.

Teaching Elder Sheryl Kinder-Pyle, executive presbyter

Let us join in prayer for:

Presbytery Staff

Teaching Elder Sheryl Kinder-Pyle, executive presbyter
Teaching Elder Larry Veith, stated clerk
Joyce Bippes, administrative assistant
Ruling Elder Kurt Hartvigsen, financial administrator
Virginia Ailes, resource librarian

PC(USA) Agencies’ Staff

Sharon Dunne Gillies, PMA
Eric Ginn, BOP

Let us pray

Lord Jesus, we believe that your Spirit is still at work in the world. Free us from discouragement, and give us eyes to catch glimpses of you and the courage to step beyond our walls to be the church in our communities. Amen.

Daily Lectionary

Morning Psalms 47; 147:12-20
First Reading Daniel 5:13-30
Second Reading 1 John 5:13-20 (21)
Gospel Reading Luke 5:1-11
Evening Psalms 68; 113

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