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“The Spirit helps us in our weakness.” Rom. 8:26

Iraq: The Peace Fund For Solidarity With The Churches

The dimensions of disruption, displacement and damage to the spiritual and programmatic life of the Churches of Iraq as a result of the war may never be known. Combined with the devastation from 12 years of economic sanctions and two previous wars while enduring a long and brutally oppressive regime, it is certain that life in Iraq, including church life, has suffered untold damage. American Presbyterians have had a long love for, and a relationship with mission and ministry with the people of Iraq, especially the Christians and Iraqi Presbyterians in particular. As "next of kin," PC(USA) has an opportunity to demonstrate genuine partnership with Iraqi Christians as they work,over many years, to rise from the rubble and ashes. The Peace Fund for Solidarity with The Churches of Iraq is intended to offer a positive witness affirming the power of resurrection and hope, after such a long struggle with all the symbols of death. It is intended to help Presbyterians in the US to share in the struggle of Iraqi Christians to make a new start. The needs will include new pastoral and lay leadership development; Sunday School curriculum, teachers and youth workers; assistance and training for doctors, nurses, community health workers, counselors and therapists; development work among women and children, especially those widowed/orphaned by the wars; new church development as well as facility restoration work.