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Welcoming Refugees

Peace and Global Witness gifts multiply efforts to help refugees experience welcome Like millions of people around the world, elder Bill Campbell was moved by the heartbreaking image of a drowned Syrian boy whose body washed up on a Turkish beach in 2015. The photo of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi drew international attention to the danger… Read more »

Proclaiming Peace that Transcends

Proclaiming a Peace that Transcends the Barriers of Time and Space “So he came and proclaimed peace to those who were far off and peace to those who were near.” Ephesians 2:17 The letter to the Ephesians tells us that Jesus came to proclaim a peace that is universal. While the earthly ministry of Jesus… Read more »

Women’s Empowerment in Uganda

Make a difference for a woman today. Around the world, women are striving to reduce hunger and poverty in their communities. Through the Presbyterian Giving Catalog, you can assist in the empowerment of these women by providing agricultural and vocational training, literacy education, and access to loans and credit services for women. Naigaga Monica is… Read more »

Setting the table of peace

Come to the Table of Peace Every day, we are witnesses to conflict. We read news stories of violence and supposedly irreparable divides. Angry rhetoric fills our airwaves, inboxes, and social media feeds. We see conflict tear apart communities, families, even people we know. Surrounded by this strife, it’s easy to see the world through… Read more »