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Guest Post by Alonzo Johnson

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Alonzo Johnson

It breaks my heart when I read that more than 17 million children make up the most poverty stricken age group in the United States. To make matters worse, 6.5 million survive on income that is woefully below the poverty line.

National statistics would have us believe that these young people who drop out of school have only a 12 percent chance of ever holding a job with benefits and a pension.

Friends, Presbyterians have always stood firm on the importance of educating our children. If we are to erase poverty and give future generations an opportunity to succeed in life, we must act now.

In this issue of Justice & Peace, we focus on the PC (USA)’s national Educate a Child initiative. Read about the program, learn what other churches are doing to change the life of a child and finally, consider how you can help us bring quality education to one million children by 2020. You can learn more by going to

In Christ’s Love, 

Rev. Alonzo Johnson
Educate a Child

The national Educate a Child Initiative is supported in part by your gifts to the Pentecost Offering.

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