Watch the 3 Part Webinar Series on Building a Grassroots Advocacy Team

The Grow the Movement for Justice: A Three Part Grassroots Advocacy Training Webinar series teaches movement leaders how to harness and exercise communitypower to build just and faith-driven movements.

  1. “Deepening your Relationship with Elected Officials,” focuses primarily on forging a relationship with elected officials. Upon watching this webinar, viewers should hope to:
  • Learn to navigate the Capwiz site, an online advocacy tool
  • Master the ins and outs of an in-district meeting with your member of Congress, including how to prepare before the meeting, what to do during the visit, and how to follow up after the execution
  • Begin to understand the importance of building advocacy teams


Watch the first installment of this webinar series:


2) Participants should learn about the elements that make a strong and healthy team in, “Building a Strong Team.” In addition, viewers should hope to understand how to build relationships across difference and how to run a team meeting. This webinar includes suggested actions to take at your first team meeting, a template agenda for your gathering, and designated roles for attendees could play.


Watch the second installment of this webinar series:


2) “Grow the Movement,” explains how to maintain a healthy team. This webinar teaches audiences how to engage (new) members, conduct one-on-ones, and how to address conflict within your team, should conflict arise. The webinar also outlines the different levels and steps of engagement; provides a sample agenda for a one-on-one meeting, and explains the anatomy of an apology (a concept developed by Rania El Mugammar).


Watch the third and final installment of this webinar series:


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