An Invitation from Stated Clerk Rev. Dr. J Herbert Nelson II

The Stated Clerk Invites Presbyterians to Attend

A World Uprooted:  Responding to Migrants, Refugees,  and Displaced People

Advocacy Training Weekend
April 20-23
Washington, DC
As we face a worldwide crisis of 65 million displaced peoples, we need to come together to learn about the issue and how to talk about the issue.  And most importantly, we need to learn how to advocate for a transformation in the ways policymakers address push and pull factors to provide effective and faithful ways to give protection, safety, and security. The advocacy training weekend, hosted in Washington D.C., April 20–23, will focus on the theme, “A World Uprooted: Responding to Migrants, Refugees, and Displaced People.” It will prove to be a significant event. The weekend will highlight speakers from affected or at-risk communities. They will share not only their stories, their suffering, and the obstacles, but also a vision to bring about transformation. We, as people of faith, are called to act out of their hope and empowerment to join our voices to their clamors.
I extend a special invitation to you to attend the Presbyterian advocacy day, Compassion Peace and Justice (CPJ) day on April 20th to learn from and with other Presbyterians and partners about how to be involved. Come hear excellent framing and discourse from Dr. Matilde Moros, the plenary keynote speaker. Come dive into how you can change the national discourse of hate and fear into a story of hope and love. We were once strangers in a strange land. We were once part of a displaced people-hood. We must learn to recapture our history that will push us to action. We will grow together, and we will raise our voices for justice.
I will see you there!
The Reverend Dr. J. Herbert Nelson, II
Stated Clerk of the General Assembly
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
For more information and to register, click here.

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