Cohort Applications are OPEN!

From Rev. Neema Cyrus-Franklin, Project Coordinator

Join our vibrant network as we embark on an exciting journey with the Around the Table Initiative!  Just five months into my role as program director, I’ve seen incredible progress in our work so far. I’m thrilled that our mission to empower church leaders and deepen connections within faith communities is taking off!

If you’re new to this initiative, let me fill you in: Around the Table is about infusing everyday life with Christian faith. But it’s not just about sharing stories—it’s about weaving our own narratives into the bigger story of God’s presence and how we share God’s life-altering love in the world. Through group learning guided by trained coaches, Around the Table cohorts will transform houses of faith into vibrant, intergenerational communities that foster faith at home.  

We’re looking for a dynamic group of faith leaders and grandparents to join our test cohorts launching in October 2024, to help us fine-tune our program design and materials. We also will be hosting an all-Spanish speaking test and grandparent cohorts. [See image below.] 


Test cohorts will cover five key Faith Practices: prayer, hospitality, service, storytelling, and retreat. We’re eager to gather feedback on how effectively our initiative supports faith leaders to cultivate rituals and practices that strengthen faith in children and youth. Leaders, this is an opportunity to try out a variety of new resources while receiving coaching support as you implement learnings in your faith community. Plus, you will receive seed money to host a church/faith community retreat! I know you want to learn more, so just click here!

Around the table, we come together to celebrate, share, and sustain each other through life’s ups and downs. Our tables become more than just furniture; they’re sacred spaces where God’s presence is felt and where we’re reminded that we’re all part of one big family. 

Exciting opportunities await with our upcoming test and grandparent cohorts launching this fall. Don’t miss out. The deadline to apply is May 31, 2024. Apply now and be part of this incredible opportunity!