Orange Days in Brick, New Jersey

Here is what I did for the Orange Day to end violence against women and girls.

Orange Day logoI went to the Presbyterian Women’s group  at my congregation, Brick Presbyterian Church in Brick, New Jersey. I did a presentation and handed out  orange ribbons. I placed an article in our church newsletter and bulletin. I placed flyers all over our church building.  I also talked to our Session.

After talking to my church, I did a five minute presentation at the June Presbytery Meeting. Than I made arrangements to talk to someone at the Brick Town Mayor’s Office. Right now I have approval  to paint the town orange and get the word out in Brick to show support by joining this campaign to raise an effort to stop all violence against women and girls, by wearing an orange ribbon.  Within three days I got all this approved.

The flyer reads:

The U.S. Congress recently passed the Violence Against Women Act. 

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon UNiTE’s campaign invites people to witness and work to Stop the Violence Against Women on the 25th of each month.

Supporters for ending violence against women are encouraged to wear an Orange Ribbon.  The ribbon is a symbol of the desire to see an end to all unwarranted violence that targets young girls and women.

Please show your support by joining us in this consciousness  raising effort to stop violence against women and girls.

For information on this campaign contact Lori Evans

The flyer includes a ribbon and a couple of cut-outs of girls.

Here are three ways you can make a difference in the effort to end violence against women:

  1. Start with your church; meet with the Session; use bulletins, church newsletters, web-sites, flyers and ribbons. You can do the same at Presbyterian Women’s gatherings and presbytery meetings. 
  2. Set-up an appointment at your local town hall – at the administrator’s office or the mayor’s office. Bring a flyer and a ribbon with
 you and use a contact person with an email address on the flyer.
  3. Attach an orange ribbon to the flyer.


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