First Presbyterian Church

We at the First Presbyterian Church of Winnebago, Minnesota, have recently entered the Matthew 25 program. Our primary focus has been to address systemic poverty through our efforts at our thrift shop called the Next to New. This shop was established in 1968 by Presbyterian Women to raise money for missions and to provide affordable clothing and household items for the people of the area. This goal has been accomplished throughout the years. However, God works in many ways to reach all of God’s people. We were privileged to help a refugee family from Ukraine who had fled their war-torn country with just a duffel bag of belongings for a family of four. Another way we have been able to help our community has come in an unexpected way. We have been asked by individuals if we accept volunteers who are not associated with our church. Our answer is always “yes.” Any individual who is willing to donate time and effort to our mission is welcome. Their reasons are as varied as the individuals.