Love is a powerful word.

Flemington PC-Food PantryFlemington, New Jersey

The Bible teaches us: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Mark 12:31). When our neighbors struggle — with where to get food, where to sleep, where to get a warm escape from the cold — that love compels us to reach out with a helping hand. We prayerfully considered how Flemington Presbyterian Church (FPC) could best help.
Loving your neighbor, you do more than drop a donation in their outstretched hand. Help was to be reflective of three principles at the foundation of FPC: We are sent by God; this is God’s love in action; our help is spiritual, hopeful and inclusive.
Addressing food insecurity, FPC contributed food, supplying nearly 6,000 pounds to the local food pantries and significant financial help.
Addressing housing insecurity, FPC supported organizations providing short- and long-term lodging, and church members repaired homes for those in need.
Guided by our three principles and with the FPC family behind us, we harnessed the power of love.