COPE, Community Outreach Parental Engagement

Waverly, Ohio

The First Presbyterian Church of Waverly, Ohio, undertook giving a Matthew 25 Grant of $1,000 to a community organization working with child poverty. Our first awardee was Waverly School’s program, COPE, Community Outreach Parental Engagement. This program works with students and their families to ensure students get a diploma and have plans for their immediate future after graduation. Waverly is in Appalachian Ohio where there is great poverty, drug abuse and family dysfunction. COPE is a holistic program that serves the entire student’s family with whatever needs they may have. In addition to the grant, we receive a list each month of student needs and the congregants purchase the items. We also provided Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner for families and purchased Christmas presents for 15 of the families enrolled in the program. Our congregants also send birthday cards to the students and a member made Christmas ornaments for the students with a note from the congregation. Video