Korean Maryland Presbyterian Church

Visiting Deacon Lim, Kee Mo lived in Nursing Home Lanham, Maryland

Most Korean American pastors visit the homes of members in early spring every year. The Rev. Dr. Seung Yong Lee was installed on May 16, 2021. He moved on Dec. 15, 2019, to Maryland from California. During that period, the coronavirus pandemic stopped many home visits.
The AKAP (Atlantic Korean American Presbytery) has registered with the Matthew 25 church campaign and encouraged churches to join. Korean Maryland Presbyterian Church joined on Feb. 6, 2021. The Rev. Dr. Seung Yong Lee thought that the home-visit ministry could be connected with the Matthew 25 Vision for sharing our congregation. He prepares frames with the Bible verse of Matthew 25:40 and gives them to members at the home worship.
One of the church members, Deacon Song, did not expect to get the frame. His wife and he were glad to remember the Bible verse among the worship. Deacon Lim, who lives in a nursing home, enjoyed the meeting with his old friend. This visiting ministry with Matthew 25 is so special to our congregation.