Presbytery of Denver

Denver, Colorado

Facing the challenge of eradicating systemic poverty, the Presbytery of Denver took its first action as a Matthew 25 mid council. In 2020, the presbytery joined 50 organizations to endorse Proposition 118, which would establish the Paid Family and Medical Leave Initiative. For four weeks, the presbytery disseminated information about the proposed systemic change through the e-newsletter. Congregations heard support for the measure from their pastor. For example, Pastor Westfall of Central Presbyterian Church preached, “The Presbytery of Denver Council and the Colorado Council of Churches are united in support of Proposition 118. … Seems like one more way to care for vulnerable ones, and in so doing, serve Christ himself.” The message “Vote Yes on Proposition 118” was in congregational newsletters. Literature drops and texts to potential voters were organized. Approved by 58% to 42%, Coloradans will no longer have to choose between caring for family and losing a paycheck.