Central Presbyterian Church

Lafayette, Indiana

Over the past few months, a group of knitters called Charity Knitters have gathered at our church each week to knit. Some knitters belong to our church and others come because they love to knit and love being part of a group that shares their common passion.

I was overwhelmed with joy and thanks when I found these scarves tied to trees right outside our downtown church doors. The knitters group attached a wonderful message to each scarf expressing the gift that is waiting in front of the one reading the message. Their message is packed full of care and welcome for our neighbors. Their message will perhaps spark others to extend random acts of kindness.

The Charity Knitters are finding new ways that God can make use of the gifting God has given. This random act of kindness, which I’m sure the Spirit prompted, has energized the group and is helping those who are experiencing a cold shoulder in life or who need just a little goodness and warmth to go with them. God is so good!

Photo caption:  A group of knitters at Central Presbyterian Church in Lafayette, Indiana, is spreading love and warmth.