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Presbytery for Southern New Jersey honors pastor on 80th year of his ordination


Donald Fletcher’s ministry took him from teacher and pastor to author

July 19, 2023

The Rev. Dr. Donald Fletcher is honored on the 80th anniversary of his ordination during a meeting of the Presbytery for Southern New Jersey at Woodbury Presbyterian Church. (Photo provided)

At the age of 104, Donald Fletcher has no plans to slow down. The son of Presbyterian medical missionaries, the Rev. Dr. Fletcher has managed to reinvent himself since he came into the world in 1919. He has lived a life that has taken him to the mission field, to higher education, to the church and his community.

“I grew up in Korea as part of a medical missionary family, along with my brother and sister,” he said. “My brother followed our dad into medical mission, while I was drawn naturally to spoken and written language.”

A graduate of Princeton University and Princeton Theological Seminary, Fletcher was ordained in 1943 and began serving on the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Board of Foreign Missions in Chile and the Caribbean, as well as at headquarters in the Division of Continuing Education. Along the way, he met and married his wife, Martha.

“Martha and I were married for 72 years before her total eclipse by the shadow of Alzheimer’s disease in 2014. Together, we lived through adventures and challenges in the North Chilean desert, while we started our family of six children,” Fletcher said. “Martha had a remarkable career as a church musician, teacher, choral director. It was a wonderful lifelong partnership.”

The Rev. Dr. Donald Fletcher, 104, delivers a sermon during the presbytery meeting. (Photo provided)

Fletcher says his career fell into two parts: the one spent largely in Latin America in mission and administration and the other in the U.S., in teaching and writing. Fletcher spent many years teaching at the college and university levels, which included stints at the University of Texas, as well serving as United Bible Chair with Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, and at Stillman College in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where he served as head of humanities. Fletcher concluded his teaching career teaching English at Cherry Hill High School East in New Jersey.

“The central motive has always been to share what gifts have been given to me,” he said. “After retiring at the age of 80, I have focused on the use of abilities I consider as a trust, to be well invested. I’ve been blessed with excellent health and a clear mind, and with full freedom to use these in constructive service.”

Although technically retired, the then-80-year-old Fletcher devoted his time in pastor supply work for the Southern New Jersey Presbytery and served Rossmoor Community Church for six years while Martha served as organist and choir director. It was during this time that Fletcher took up writing books, short stories and poems. In all, he has published nine books and countless short stories.

The Rev. Dr. Donald Fletcher and the Rev. Dr. Debby Brincivalli take part in communion during the presbytery meeting. (Photo provided)

“Basically, as a student of the English language and literature, I am a writer. I promised myself that when I retired, I would write. The Gospel of Luke had always appealed to me, so my first book was a reflection, based on New Testament scholarship, but obviously imaginative, about how this otherwise unknown early Christian scholar came to compose his Jesus narrative. I titled it ‘I, Lucas, Wrote the Book,’” he said. “From there, my other books unfolded — mostly of personal reflection and philosophy. As a writer, however, I consider myself to be, primarily, a poet. Lately, I’ve written quite a few short stories, and even ‘published’ some of them on the internet.”

The Presbytery for Southern New Jersey recently honored Fletcher on the 80th anniversary of his ordination at The Presbyterian Church at Woodbury in Woodbury, New Jersey. With presbytery leaders and family in attendance, he delivered a sermon and took part in communion during the presbytery meeting.

“I first met Don in the early 2000s but really got to know he and Martha when I became the exec in 2008. Part of my position is pastor to pastors and every visit with him, I felt his pastoral care, also,” said the Rev. Dr. Deborah “Debby” G. Brincivalli, executive presbyter in the Presbytery for Southern New Jersey. “He was a loving and devoted husband, is a dad, grandfather, friend, artist, poet, theologian, philosopher, cat lover and renaissance man in so many ways. He is a pastor, colleague, mentor and friend to so many — including me.”

Rick Jones, Director of Communications, Office of the General Assembly

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