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Korea, the U.S. and the No Gun Ri Incident

by Kurt Esslinger, Mission Co-worker serving in Korea Martha Mendoza, an AP reporter, stood before a few of the survivors of the Korean War incident that occurred under the bridge at No Gun Ri, and she shared her story of investigating this incident that almost left them dead along with their family members. She spoke… Read more »

The Blessed Dark Places

by Scott Parker, Associate for Ecumenical Partnerships in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq One of the great gifts of my time in the Middle East has been the relationship with Blessed, a school in Beirut for children and young adults with special needs. Its current enrollment of 49 includes students who are autistic, blind, have Down… Read more »

A Drop in the Ocean

by Valdir Franca, Area Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean In its 2005 “Newsletter on the Millennium Development Goals from a Child Rights Perspective,” UNICEF explains that “in Latin American countries, the vast majority of children in relative poverty also suffer from extreme degrees of absolute deprivation, making the challenge of child poverty all… Read more »

Cultures of Care

by Jennifer Brooke Goldberg, Mission Specialist, Writing Coach My joy in welcoming my newborn children into this mortal coil was adulterated by the recognition of what they would have to witness and endure.  As I gazed at the innocent newcomers I had ushered into the world, I became acutely aware—in the midst of my bliss—that… Read more »

Sacrifice as a Way of Life

By Kristi and Bob Rice Mission Co-workers in South Sudan, previously in the Democratic Republic of the Congo In Congo, life is hard and life is short. When we returned to Kananga recently and reconnected with friends and colleagues, the harsh realities of life struck us again. Most people struggle even to feed their children one… Read more »

The Spark of Humanity

by Jennifer Brooke Goldberg, Mission Specialist, Writing Coach Before I interviewed for my position as mission specialist, writing coach at Presbyterian World Mission, I didn’t know quite what to expect.  To be sure, I had been raised reciting John 3:16 in a faith tradition that advocated going forth into all nations as an injunction, but… Read more »

The Story of Noor

By Alethia White, Mission Co-worker in Berlin, Germany World Refugee Day, June 20   Noor* arrived in Europe with her two young children and without her husband. She left her home in Aleppo, Syria two years ago because the war had become unlivable and she and her family felt they had no other choice. During… Read more »

Pushing Each Other: And the Margins

by Savannah Caccamo, Young Adult Volunteer Dear future volunteers, Community life is the most beautiful mess. It is difficult and challenging but, if you’re willing, it is inspiring, supportive, and life-giving. I was surprised by the depth of my community during my YAV year. I have lived with people before, but there is something about… Read more »

Let’s Have a Talk!

By Rev. Jose Luis Casal, Director of World Mission When I was asked to write something for the new World Mission blog, the first question in my mind was, “what is a blog?” Certainly, everybody knows that a blog is “a web page, typically one run by an individual or small group.” But with that… Read more »