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Forming Leaders through Problems and Self-Discovery

by Michael Ludwig, PC(USA) mission co-worker in Niger “Oh, that would never happen in my culture!” said my co-worker repeatedly with a smile. We were sitting in circle in a training session of Community Heath Evangelism (CHE) that focused on family issues. It specifically covered some delicate subjects in areas of “women’s cycle of life,”… Read more »

The Road to Change

by Cara Taylor, communications associate, PC(USA) Jinishian Memorial Program Although erosion in Armenia has helped excavate some of its glorious history dating to 4,000 B.C., for the modern nation, it also creates deadly driving hazards. The pothole problem may seem trivial after a century of genocide, oppressive communist rule and a devastating earthquake, but a… Read more »

Changing the World, One Girl at a Time

By Valdir Franca, area coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean In my June blog post, I shared about a social program for youth sustained by the Central Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Colombia. Founded on Christian values and Reformed principals, the New Life Enrichment Center for Youth in Bogotá, Colombia creates a safe… Read more »

Empowering and Encouraging Leaders in Asia

by John McCall, Mission co-worker in Taiwan Asia is a huge continent that embraces a wonderful mosaic of people groups, languages, food, music, and cultures. So we began to dream of bringing together pastors from four Asian countries for a week together in community. This vision stemmed from other experiences of bringing Guatemalan, Taiwanese, and U.S…. Read more »

Tools for planning an engaging short-term mission trip in 2018

By Stephanie Caudill, mission associate Are you planning a short-term mission trip in 2018? World Mission has the tools you need to help prepare and plan for an exciting faith experience! Equipping for Mission Involvement within World Mission provides resources to help you and your mission partners see each other in a new light as… Read more »

Playing Jazz by Ear: Musings from My First Five Days in NOLA

by Miguel Petrosky, Young Adult Volunteer in New Orleans “There is a house in New Orleans they call the YAV House …” were the (in)appropriated words from a popularized 1960s folk-rock song, “House of the Rising Sun,” that I quipped/sung immediately following the first encounter with some of my fellow New Orleans YAVs as we… Read more »

The Reformation: God’s Action and God in Action

By Rev. Jose Luis Casal, Director of Presbyterian World Mission The Protestant Reformation of the 16th century was much more than a religious revolution. The fissures it created were so vast that the realms of politics, learning and culture as a whole were unsettled. At the heart of Martin Luther’s theology was “the freedom of… Read more »

And the Disease Still Rages

by Mienda Uriate, Asia and the Pacific Area Coordinator  In the Asia-Pacific area of the world, key affected populations for HIV/AIDS are people who, for one reason or another, are more vulnerable to HIV infection. Among the many reasons, this could be because they are marginalized by society and fearful of accessing HIV services. I remember… Read more »

Reaching Out to Our Neighbors with HIV and AIDS

by Rev. Janet Guyer, Facilitator for Women’s and Children’s Interests, English-Speaking Africa Twenty years ago, AIDS in Africa was brought to our attention through pictures of emaciated men, women and children on the brink of death. Roughly 10 years ago, we celebrated, and rightly so, the arrival of anti-retroviral drugs, seemingly a miracle group of… Read more »