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Shattering the Border Wall of Hostility

by Catherine May, Presbyterian Border Region Outreach (PBRO) president and research historian Historical context: In 1980, following eight years of suspended relations, the Presbyterian leadership of Mexico and the USA affirmed a new, binational covenant under which the denominations established a renewed mission relationship. The heart of the covenant called for respectful, mutual decision-making. An… Read more »

Poverty of the Heart

by Dessa Palm, mission co-worker in the Philippines   In a few days, we will be celebrating the 12th year of the founding of the Youth Advocates Through Theater Arts (YATTA). I sat down recently with one of its founding members, Junsly Kitay, and was reminded of one dialogue he wrote in our original musical theater… Read more »

The Incarnation as a Model of Mission

by Tamron Keith, Sr., Associate Director, Presbyterian World Mission In these last few days leading up to December 25, in western culture, we oftentimes are focused on final gift preparations, office parties, plans to share meals with friends and/or family, and ways to give to others who may be less fortunate than us (though I… Read more »

I Was Hungry

by Valdir Franca, Presbyterian World Mission area coordinator for Latin  America and the Caribbean  At the end of Jesus’ eschatological parables in Matthew 25, he expresses condemnation towards those who don’t respond in a positive way to the mission of discipleship. This mission includes addressing hunger and poverty: “I was hungry and you gave me… Read more »

Reducing Hunger and Malnutrition through Community Development

by Josh Heikkila, mission co-worker in Ghana serving as World Mission’s regional liaison for West Africa In the work we do in World Mission, whether it be with evangelism, education, peacemaking, poverty reduction, health, or development, the most effective and long-lasting results are seen if we can empower our partners to be the ones who… Read more »

Reflecting on Malnutrition through a Mother’s Heart

by Jennifer Brooke Goldberg, World Mission writing coach  Born January 21, 2000, just after the Christmas season and the apocalyptic predictions of the arrival of the new millennium, my son Caleb was certainly an advent child. A child of much expectation. And fear. An expectation of fear that unraveled such that I am yet coursing… Read more »

Why Give to YAV (Young Adult Volunteers)?

by Elizabeth Welliver, Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) in Austin, Texas  Several friends have asked me recently: “In the world of things I could choose to do next year, why YAV? Wouldn’t I want to do something easier, closer to home, or better paid?” Most decisions about career and life paths are complex, this one included, and yet… Read more »

Celebrating Thanksgiving in a World Context

By Rev José Luis Casal, director of Presbyterian World Mission The Thanksgiving holiday promotes a thankful attitude toward life using an episode from American history. Yet, despite the good intentions, celebrating Thanksgiving in a world context has challenges. Tensions surround the holiday and the meaning of this historic episode. David Cutler, journalist and American history teacher,… Read more »

Forming Leaders through Problems and Self-Discovery

by Michael Ludwig, PC(USA) mission co-worker in Niger “Oh, that would never happen in my culture!” said my co-worker repeatedly with a smile. We were sitting in circle in a training session of Community Heath Evangelism (CHE) that focused on family issues. It specifically covered some delicate subjects in areas of “women’s cycle of life,”… Read more »